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Eye Provide is about finding the affordable pairs of glasses when a pair off the high street would cost a few hundred pounds.

It's finding the best designer frames for the best price when you can't find them anywhere else.

The feeling you get browsing through a wide range of user reviews by trustworthy shoppers and optical experts in order to get the best deal.

Bringing the best eyewear, eye care and eye accessory products onto one platform for the convenience and benefit of the eyes of the entire nation.

Eye Provide is about all of the above and more. 

Live your best life with Eye Provide!

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Borne out of the sincere desire of hardworking Independent Opticians. We have embarked on this journey to become the UK’s first and leading online Eye Provider.

We are not just another prescription glasses retailer, we are the creme de la crop of customer eye satisfaction. Not only do we stock Lindberg the most Luxurious glasses brand in the world. We work with friendly eyewear and care, consumers, every day in our local Independent Opticians. This means that not only do we understand you, but we understand the needs of your eyes and we are dedicated to ensuring they have the best eyewear and eye care that money can buy. And that you can get the best deal with Eye Provide.

Get the best deal for YOU with Eye Provide!

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Eye Provide is made by the people, with the people, for the eyes of the nation!

Buying glasses online in the UK can be a hassle, Product descriptions can be limited and customer reviews are not always available for the glasses, sunglasses, eye care or accessories you are looking for. The Eye Provide platform has solved these issues somewhat, but unlike other retailers, we won't lie to you and claim to be perfect.

Instead, we'd rather acknowledge that WE NEED YOU. It's going to take an active community with a willingness to share and leave reviews in order to provide for UK's eyes.

Shoppers are already telling us how Eye Provide helped them find eyewear and care solutions they did not even know they needed! And we're sure you will too.

How Eye Provide Works

  1. Search
    Anything eye related.
    Browse our online catalogue for deals on everything from the big items like designer frames to the small, everyday essentials like daily contact lenses or eye drops.
  2. Choose a Deal
    That's right for you.
    When it comes to deals, we handpick the best from our partners at designer brands and other online optical shops. Compare deals from around the web and earn coupons for leaving reviews for other shoppers.
  3. Enjoy Results
    A great deal has never felt so good!
    Research shows that in 2018 user reviews are one of the most helpful and trustworthy sources of information when shopping in Britain. Be an Independent Shopper! Look no further than Eye Provide Independent Opticians for the best optical deals.

How Our Website Works

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