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Henfield opticians

Henfield opticians

Henfield opticians

Whether you need to purchase new eyeglasses or contact lenses or shop for sunglasses and accessories, you want to choose Henfield opticians that offer the best selection of high quality products and services at affordable prices. We offer independent Henfield opticians to provide you with state-of-the-art treatment and top quality products.

Independent Opticians

As one of the leading independent Henfield opticians we offer complete services. We have a team of experienced optometrists and dispensing opticians to provide you with the best eye care possible. The first step is an eye exam. Your eyes are our number one priority.

We provide a thorough eye exam that not only determines the prescription for your lenses but also ensures that your eyes are healthy. We utilize the latest technology to test your eyes. We have a high-tech OCT scanner that takes in-depth 3-D images of the eye. This and other technology helps us provide the best possible diagnostics and treatment for any problems that you may have.

Special cameras allow us to view your eye from all angles. We are able to get a close-up look at areas of the eye that normally cannot be seen. This means that we will be able to quickly find any irregularities or problems.

Early screening and diagnosis is essential in eye disease treatment of such problems as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Some of the tests are provided free of charge under the NHS. We are happy to assist you with all of your eye needs.

Choosing Glasses

We offer a wide selection of high quality frames at reasonable prices. We also offer contact lenses from a variety of manufacturers. We work with many manufacturers to bring you the best options at the most affordable prices. As one of the leading Henfield opticians we offer more than 1,000 frame choices to pick from.

Lens quality is important in a pair of glasses. You want to make sure that the lenses are made properly and according to your prescription. Most often we utilize Zeiss and Shamir for our glass lenses. Zeiss and Shamir is an industry leader and a top supplier, having been in the optical business for more than a century.

When it comes to frames, we will assist you in choosing a pair of glasses that look good on your face and that fit within your budget. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about helping match you with a pair of spectacles that will best suit your appearance. We will give you some frame recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs.

In addition to standard glasses we also offer a host of solutions to meet your individual requirements. We provide bifocals, sports glasses, prescription goggles and sunglasses that will help you perform at your best all day long, through all your varied activities.

When you want the very best in eye care at a price you can afford, count on our experienced team to help you with all of your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Henfield opticians
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