Liphook eye care

Liphook eye care

Welcome to Eye Provide where we provide the most technologically advanced eye care in Liphook, London. A big part of what makes us the best eye care provider in London is our modern, high-tech eye care equipment. We pride ourselves on utilizing industry-leading machinery operated by the most trusted eye care hands today.

Wavefront Analyzer

This piece of equipment takes measures from thousands of points over the cornea to give us lots of information, including the shape of the eye, the pupil size, and measurements. The wavefront Analyzer also gives us the refraction information. This is one of the most important tools we use to assess, diagnose, and treat all of our Liphook eye care patients.

Anterior Segment Camera

This amazing tool allows us to take high-resolution digital images of your eyes. It gives us a crystal-clear picture of all the structures that we analyze. With this tool, we're able to check the eyelids for any information. We can also take a look at the cornea for any ulcers or infiltrates and the conjunctiva for any redness or injection. We can also check the cataract, which is in the lens of the eye.

Scanning Laser

This is one of our newest pieces of technology. The scanning laser has the ability to image the inside of your eye in cross-section. This allows us to tell not if you have glaucoma or macular disease, but to tell if you're going to develop glaucoma or macular disease, making this piece of equipment an essential tool in our Liphook eye care "toolbox."

iZon Z-View

The iZon Z-View allows us to measure microscopic abortions in your visual image. Up until now, doing so has not been possible with traditional, standard lenses. From this information, we can make glasses that will give you a sharper image quality in the daytime and the nighttime.

Specular Microscope

The specular microscope is basically an image of the back layer of cells of the cornea. The cornea is the clear window of the eye. There are certain eye diseases, such as corneal dystrophies, that make the eye's vision less clear because these cells don't work. With the specular microscope, these cells can be followed over time.

Fundus Camera

This piece of equipment takes pictures of the retina, which is the back of the eye. We can analyze the optic nerve and all of the blood vessels in the back of the eye. Over time, we can take this picture, and after a patient receives treatment, we bring them back and take another photo. We can watch as the conditions we treat, such as hemorrhages, resolve.

Great Equipment, Great People

Our technologically advanced Liphook eye care center gives us the best probability to assess, diagnose, and treat eye problems. Most importantly, our state-of-the-art eye care facility enables us to provide more preventative care than ever before. Of course, this is just some of the advanced equipment we use in our Liphook eyecare center. Even more important than the equipment we use are the people who operate it. At Eye Provide, we employ the region's best eye care specialists. Book your appointment today.

Liphook eye care
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