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Akua Mind & Body is a top-rated rehab in Costa Mesa, helping individuals to overcome addiction and recover from mental illness to live a healthy, happy life.

What is rehab?

Rehab, also called rehabilitation center, describes an addiction or mental health treatment program that operates in an outpatient or residential setting. A rehab center is a drug or alcohol-free institution, which provides an intense schedule of care and support to individuals who experience difficulty in overcoming substance abuse, other forms of addiction, and mental health issues.

There're many various types of rehab facilities. Some focus on helping individuals with specific drug addiction, while others provide a wide range of drug addiction and mental health treatment services. These facilities range from very regular facilities to luxury treatment centers. While luxury centers offer high-quality amenities than conventional facilities, that doesn't mean their treatment programs are always the best. The type of rehab program you'll choose will depend on your budget or level of insurance coverage.

How to prepare for a rehab

After making a life-changing decision to go to an addiction treatment facility, it's crucial to think about the preparation steps you should take to be ready for your stay in rehab. If it's your first time to enter rehab, you may worry about putting some things on hold while away, such as family, job, school, or bills obligations. These are entirely normal stress, but you can deal with these worries by taking time to prepare yourself for rehab properly.

If you take the appropriate preparations, you’ll return to a conducive space where you can productively apply the skills you’ve been building in rehab. These are a few ways to prepare yourself mentally and physically in the days leading up to your rehab stay:

  • Take care of your family, work and financial obligations
  • Keep an open mind
  • Pack the essentials only
  • Be patient

Best and reliable rehab to join

We’re the top leading rehab in Costa Mesa, delivering remarkable addiction and mental health treatment services. Our integrative treatment programs ensure long-term recovery and provision of the tools you need to overcome addiction once and for all.

We offer a residential treatment program, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient program, which is ideal for clients who are willing to participate in treatment programs on a part-time basis. Our professional and experienced treatment team puts a collaborative effort to offer unique treatments to each client in an individualized approach.

Join a remarkable rehab

We stand out to be the top-rated and reliable rehab Costa Mesa will ever have for offering high-caliber and fruitful addiction and mental health treatment services. With our experience in the addiction and mental health sector, you can rest assured of reclaiming your life back.

Are you considering or preparing to join a professional rehabilitation center? Visit Akua Mind & Body today and start your journey towards a stable recovery. Please, contact us now to speak to one of our admissions specialists.  

Rehab Costa Mesa
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