Rehab Hawaii

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Rehab Hawaii

If you are thinking about attending drug and alcohol rehab in Hawaii, consider Maui Recovery. Maui Recovery is Hawaii's best drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Maui Recovery focuses on healing the core causes of addiction, as addiction to chemical substances is merely an outward expression of deeper problems within. Maui Recovery believes that treating addiction without treating the underlying causes of addiction is like putting a band-aid on an amputated limb. The only thing it's going to do successfully is making sure the person still needs further treatment.

At Maui Recovery, we take a holistic approach to recovery from drugs and alcohol, providing integrated therapy and addiction treatment options. We provide mental health and addiction services from licensed and qualified practitioners. Contact Maui Recovery if you would like to learn more about world-class rehab in Hawaii.

What Rehab is Like at Maui Recovery

At Maui Recovery, we keep things small and simple. Our patients enjoy customized treatment programs that are designed to help them overcome the substances that they are dependent on. Our staff is truly caring and one-of-a-kind, ready to assist your every need. Contact Maui Recovery today if you are interested in drug and alcohol rehab in Hawaii. Let us customize a treatment plan for you.

Maui Recovery a Non-12-Step Rehab in Hawaii

Maui Recovery is a non-12-step rehab program that treats alcohol and drug addiction (alcohol is a drug). Our caring staff is also licensed to treat mental health disorders, co-occurring addictions, and other types of addictions. Maui Recovery is at the forefront of integrative and holistic healing solutions for overcoming substance abuse. We use the best of all worlds in recovery. For example, while Maui Recovery is an alternative rehabilitation center in Hawaii, we promote sponsorship and AA/NA meetings when helpful, both of which are staples of traditional 12-step rehab programs.

However, Maui Recovery's focus is based more upon evidence. We used scienced-based addiction treatment integrative therapies, including counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and group therapy, in addition to other addiction treatment options.

What Kind of Drug Addiction Treatment Does Maui Recovery Provide

Maui Recovery offers a full spectrum of recovery solutions, beginning in medical detox. Medical detox is often required for people who are quitting drugs or alcohol with chronic dependencies. Quitting a substance that a person has become physically dependent on cold turkey is like quitting water or air. The body can experience harsh withdrawal symptoms and even go into shock.

Maui Recovery is a drug rehab in Hawaii that is renowned for its successful inpatient treatment program. Once our patients graduate our 30 to 90-day inpatient rehabilitation program, we can then set them up in outpatient therapy or work with sober living homes and outpatient services providers in their area (for those who travel for rehab). Our job is to provide our patients with the tools and resources that they need to get sober and stay sober long after they leave Maui Recovery.

Rehab Hawaii
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